Recreational Bowling 
Whether you bring whole the family or just you and your friends. It’s the most fun you can have wearing funny-looking shoes! Choose from 5 and 10 pin bowling, and for extra excitement try “Glow in the Dark” Cosmic Bowling!

Birthday Parties
Celebrate your child’s special day with an exciting bowling birthday party! We take  care all the details, so you and your little friends can stay focused on the fun.

Company Events
Everyone can use a break from the office, so trade in those cubicles for bowling lanes and watch the smiles spread from the face to face. It’s amazing what funny looking shoes, bowling balls and knocking down pins can do for employee morale and team work. And we conveniently located just minutes from downtown.

Charity Fundraiser
From large to small, bowling fundraisers make raising money fun for everyone. Ask us how we can help you meet your fundraising goals.

Bowling Leagues  
From competitive leagues to social leagues, we’ve got something fun for everyone. Just call us drop in for more details.